Saturday, May 14 19:30 to Saturday, May 14 23:00 (GB)

KEIGHLEY, United Kingdom

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A top class and authentic tribute to the late, great

Lemmy Kilmister and his band, Motörhead.

Motörheadache is a three-piece tribute to Lemmy's musical career with Motörhead from 1975 to 2015. Set up by lifelong Motörhead fan Rob Campbell on Rickenbacker bass and vocals, Rob captures the essence of Lemmy in voice, stage clothes and his grinding mid-range bass sound.

As ‘Lemmy Kidderminster’, Rob plays a custom built Rickenbastard 4004 bass made my Lemmy’s own luthier, which is fitted with the pickups and tuners that were removed from Lemmy’s own Rickenbastard when it was serviced. Rob also has a custom made Lemmy ‘Murder One’ Marshall Super Bass wired to the same specification as Lemmy’s and two Marshall 4x15 cabs with 4x12 cabs either side of the stage.

Guitar duties are taken up by Shane Haigh, who is also a successful luthier and known as The String Surgeon. On drums it’s Dirty Dave Nutter, who also drums part time with York based band, Segregates 



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Craft Beer Exchange
Russell Street
    BD21 2LE
    United Kingdom
01535 603136


From Saturday, May 14 19:30
To Saturday, May 14 23:00


Craft Beer Exchange
01535 603136

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